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pedodonti ortodonti bagdat caddesi dis klinigi kadikoy

The early stage: Deciduous dentition

After deciduous (baby) teeth are completed in children, jaw development in terms of orthodontics should be examined. The practices which can be carried out in terms of orthodontic treatment are limited in this stage. However, simple practices to eliminate habits which may create problems such as thumbsucking, incorrect swallowing can be performed.

karisik dislenme donemi pedodonti ortodonti bagdat caddesi kadikoy

Mixed dentition stage

This is the stage in which permanent teeth erupt, therefore crowding of the teeth is among the problems often seen in patients suffering from jaw narrowness.

Crowding of the teeth does not mean orthodontic treatment should be started immediately. The cases which require early stage treatment are intervened.

surekli dislenme doneminde ortodontik tedavi sonodent dis klinigi bagdat caddesi

Permanent dentition

This is the period in which orthodontics are applied most frequently. Completion of permanent teeth does not occur at the same age for each case due to the fact that there are individual differences in growth/development. For this reason, patient’s bone age is considered more so than his/her chronological age in orthodontics. Any individual who has healthy teeth and gums can be treated at this stage.


eriskin ortodontisi bagdat caddesi sonodent kadikoy

Adult orthdontics

People who have not received treatment in growth-development period, patients who cannot be applied implants or dentures due to the reason that teeth slide to the space left empty because of tooth extraction, individuals with failing health of the gums and have shifting teeth due to losing bone support, people experiencing change of smile line with aging etc. all have the chance to a treatment in any age.

Principally patient’s expection is taken into consideration in treatment planning. Better results can be achieved by combining orthodontic treatment with esthetic dentistry. Short term orthodontic treatments with respect to problems in the mouth are applications frequently performed in adult orthodontics.

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