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Implant (Implant Guide)

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What Is Dental Implant?

Dental implants are titanium structures which ensure replacement of missing tooth or teeth proper to natural dentition. Dental implants replacing the missing teeth bring fast, reliable, long lasting and esthetic solutions to missing teeth.

According to the results of the researches carried out on dental implants in our clinic since 2005, 98% of the patients use dental implants, which are placed with accurate planning and proper surgery technique, for a long term and without any problems.

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Dental implant applications in one or more local missing teeth:

DDental implant is the best alternative solution instead of bridges and removable dentures. Dental implants protect dental hygiene of the other teeth since they are not supported by the adjacent teeth.

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Complete dentures in upper or lower jaw by dental implant applications:  ​

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The removable dentures replacing all teeth in upper or lower jaw may become loose in time due to bone loss (osteoporosis) and change in the shape of the jawbone, resulting in discomfort of the patient.

Esthetic problems may occur on the face of the patient as a result of anatomical changes due to bone loss.

Dental implants bond with the bone in toothless mouths treated with dental implants, ensuring teeth to function safely resulting in healthy bone and preservation of patient’s facial features.

Nobel Guide

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Dental Implant Procedure:

Dental implant and fixed lower/upper jaw dentures can be applied in a few hours in completely toothless mouths with NOBEL GUIDE computer assisted implantalogy system.

The stages to computer assisted implant procedure are as below:

  • The dental implants are planned in electronic environment after clinical and radiological records are taken.

  • The prepared planning is sent to the Nobel guide center in Sweden.

  • Dental implants are placed inside the mouth in one session by means of a special guide plate prepared in Sweden.

  • Fixed dentures are applied on the same day dental implants are made.

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What is Abutment?

These are structures made from titanium or zirconia, attached on the implant and ensuring adhesion of porcelain crowns.

Standard Abutment:

These are the titanium parts produced prefabrically by the company and applied on the implant.

Custom Abutment:

These are customized titanium or zirconia structures prepared in laboratory environment and applied on the implant. They provide an ideal esthetic appearance on the implant area and protect health of the gums.

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This post is also available in: en tr